Sunday, January 25, 2015

Third Eye Feedback


I waited till nightfall

till the water was cold

till the water matched the midnight sky


I threw myself in


Face first I exhaled

till all the air fled my lungs

till I willed them to function as gills


I threw myself in


Motionless I became

till my exhilaration formed into yet another disappointment

till I had something else to add to my pile of outlier experiences


I threw myself in


Sensation returned to my eyes

till the sting of the sun again became a warm embrace

till understanding once again claimed squatter rights in my mind


I threw myself in


The river wouldn’t have me

In the morning on the other side of all the things

I went back to it all knowing


The river threw me out


© Christopher F. Brown 2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015


5000 years ago

the shamans and the medicine workers looked into the fire


they saw me and you

you and I

They saw us


They called us gods


smoking cigarettes

They thought we breathed fire


getting in and out of cars, trains, and planes

They thought we could move between the realms of living and dead


using computers,

watching tv,

talking on cellphones

They thought limit was the thing not within our understanding


the fire of the future showed them

what they thought were gods

they couldn't hear our flaws

They couldn't smell our decay


Through the fire

They saw gods


in the mirror

most only see rot


in the mirror

most can't see past misplaced shame.


Christopher F. Brown  2015

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Trust 2015

water in the desert

fire in the tundra



unlike anything else that claims to be such


is precious

is rare


So much so that some have

never seen it

never heard it

never experienced it


to them it's myth and fairytale

little more than a half happy lie



to them that know

It's more fickle than a candle flame

It's more stable than helium


if you have it

treat it as the rare gift it is


if you have it

know that its strength depends on yours


if you have it

know that it has you

if you leave it

know it leaves you.


©Christopher F. Brown 2015

Saturday, December 27, 2014

It’s Your Decision

it is a fight

to hold on to that different

to hold onto that spark


it's not that life will beat it out of you

it is life

it is peace of mind

it is sanity



does not have it

phonies, fakes, and others

yes even some certain loved ones

do not have it


only you possess what it is

that youness that makes you


Cherish it

protect it

fight for it

it was given unto you and it is yours

most won't understand

it was never meant for most


the special uniqueness that make you

listen to that as your guide

follow that as your path

it is you



it's only you that works for the benefit

that best benefits



They don't know you

only the image of:

what they see

what they think

what they want

what they feel

what their studies have shown


that is how they will treat your you


This is not how you should treat your




©Christopher F. Brown 2014

Monday, December 1, 2014

Fool’s Journey For A Master




Seeking greatness

we refuse a mirror

seeking wisdom

we refuse all letters in every word


Seeking understanding of place

our place

in the universe

with the universe

of the universe

we refuse earth




Seeking everything

outside of self

we refuse to believe and blind ourselves to self


© Christopher f. Brown 2014


Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Clairvoyant Crush



Just say that I did admit how I feel about you

say that I said I was interested

I admitted that your mind fascinates me

I acknowledge that your vibrations harmonize with mine

I confessed to constructing conversations just to hear your voice and maybe see you smile


what then


I am too old for you as you are now

it would not be fair to you as I am now

you have so much life to live

so many lessons to learn

on your own

as I did


need to learn

on your own

as I did


without someone tainting it with their own failures

without someone jading it with their own success

without someone crippling you with aged seriousness and subdued patience


what then


We cant date because neither of have any money

lies I tell myself

lies I justify amongst myself

I know you


You’re the type of man that wouldn’t care

we could sit at the bus stop sharing headphones and a chicken wrap

listening to NPR

on our way to go protest

I know you


we could go to the bookstore and discuss

for hours

Kafkaesque minutia and Orwellian grandeur


we could go for long walks and hear

for hours

The Budos band in our chest and step and Fela in our soul and heart


what then


Do you now understand why you deserve better

than poor old me


Do you now understand why I haven’t

why I wont attempt

the beautifully opulent and too young for me

as I am now

that is you


I’ll accept this juvenile awkwardness because it is all that I can have

anything else

anything more

would be selfish

would be unfair

to the vision that is you


© Christopher F. Brown 2014

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ghosts & Spirits


That’s interesting


one implies a haunting

hair on the back of necks standing on end

unexpected unexplained




down backs

up spines

in the air



in the corner of an eye


That’s interesting


one implies a total take over

encompassing and embodying

an age or art


the essence of a being

the essence of being

the essence


That’s interesting.


© Christopher F. Brown 2014

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