Friday, February 19, 2016

What Threatens My existence

What Threatens My Existence

What threatens my existence, immediately without question; White Supremacy. Most do and probably have tuned out now, thinking believing that they already know what I’ll write. Thinking, believing that they have already heard this before, and that’s is fine, that is a part of White Supremacy. White Supremacy threatens my existence because when I say, “White Supremacy” it causes people to hear, think, and assume I mean, “White people” when that’s not at all what I said. White Supremacy threatens my Existence because when I even mention it, I become the, “Angry Black Man” stereotype personified and whatever else someone’s imagination can conceive. In reality, if I was an Angry Black Man, I would have every right to be.

As an African, Same Gender Loving Male born in America, the white, heterosexual, Christian, male supremacy structure is my only true obstacle, my only direct threat and it is a constant daily one. Little things like the guy on Bart riding into the city believing its his right to take up two seats on a crowded train, one for him and one for his macbook, while I and others have to stand. White Male Supremacy is the belief that because he is getting off in the financial district and is fluid with millions, its ok. White Supremacy is belief that the coward cop has that allows him to think that something as small and insignificant as a gun will ever make him or her equal to me.

White supremacy threatens my existence because I see it in the hearts of some other Africans born here in America that will tell me, “Im not black enough” because I don’t wear wood cut Africa necklaces or silver Anhks. White Supremacy tells other Africans born in America that because I know a little bit about African spirituality then I must be running around putting roots on people and I need Jesus or Allah. Since when did a piece of material made by some poor person in china, sold to a poor person in America, help a poorer person in Africa? How could me just knowing about the gods my ancestors worshiped thousands of years before, merchants, conquerors and killers brought their gods to my ancestors homeland make me defective?

White supremacy threatens my existence because I see it in other people of color that look at me while im claiming pride in my Africanness and say its not the, “American Way” and that’s the problem with “people like me” because “We” need to assimilate.

This is how White supremacy threatens my existence, it teaches others to believe that my culture as it was and is, and myself, as I am and will be, should not exist.

©Christopher F. Brown 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016

Comicbook Friends

These days
Adam Worlock is my best friend

He knew I never was
what they call
a bad guy

He knows what it was like for gods and kings
When we go for love
we go hard

He could see
more than anyone in the universe
I knew and know

Its not about being cocky
Its about doing and be me

I can say that about my friend

He needs to examine his self
examine his personal issues
Instead of pretending like they don’t exist
The day will come when they want to fight him.
Hes going to be kinda stuck

But that’s what best friends are for

These days
I'm out of that love game
no more future ex’s
no more making ex’s current

I'm  reading  and writing a few books
getting back to meditating
Might even plant a garden

©Christopher F. Brown 2016

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