Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Little Simple One Won’t Hurt


The sad thing is

The truth


The sad thing is

You blew it


The sad thing is

I knew it


The sad thing is

How you looked


The sad thing is

How I react


The sad thing is

The truth


It was All a lie


©Christopher F. Brown 2012




Memories of Childhood



Was there ever a time when it all made sense


Simple little things

Equated joy


Today was enough

No need to consider


You had no concept of



So Uncomplicated

You didn't need to know

how to spell it


Was there ever a time when it all made sense


A was A

That was it


You may question


But you knew what it equaled


Run was fun

Play was for the  day


Simple as the nightfall

bringing sleep


Was there ever a time when it all made sense


©Christopher F. Brown 2012


Monday, February 27, 2012

Over You

Over  You


I miss the passion we shared in each kiss

The smell of you and the comfort

In every embrace


I miss the acrobatics we called sex

The feats we achieved

Out doing the night before


I miss he debts of our conversation

The sharing of ideas

Contemplating and sharing contempt


I miss that time our paths were aligned

Our goals were set and mutual

The limit

Heaven bound


I miss what we had

What we shared


I realize

All of the many things I miss


I don’t


©Christopher F.  Brown 2012


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Sunday, February 19, 2012



It feels a bit strange

Laying here on the couch


I normally sit in the chair

I think I might have even been born there

I never sought it out

I just ended up there

I have always been there


I tried to get up and leave a few times before

They always sat me back down


In the chair


Now that I'm laying here

On the couch

It feels a bit strange


Its new to me

What it feels like to be stretched out

Seeing the chair from this angle

Seeing the chair from this point of view

Going from Objectivity

To being the subject


Very different

Very new


What did you say?

Hmmm you have a very valid point

It is time.


©Christopher F. Brown 2012



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Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Stuff

So I did a HUGE update to my website

New home page



28 new poems



6 new color photos



2 new black and white



New Blog section

So far its just my latest book reviews and blogs



check it out Smile

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


They say

Pick your battles


I say

My life is not a war


The plight of competition

Only brings about confusion


The real goal is never accomplished

Never known

The true purpose is hidden

Kept secret like middle name




May be good for now


How long can the greediest continue to win

How long after the hungriest consumes all

Consumes themselves




Instead of negating your efforts

I wonder

If I help

Would we both gain?


Is there a reason

You or I need to win?




That is true


No on need lose


True elevation

Of the mind

True elevation

Of the spirit

Comes not on a hill

In a cave or room

Sequestered away from light

Secluded in darkness


It comes in a single act of



When you decide to

Share and help

Without thought of personal benefit

Without thought of private gain




Will eventually rot the soul



Where as




Seems to be



The goal




©Christopher F. Brown 2012

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Rise above the beastly nature

Be the human that you are


The struggle of endless competition

Ends in ultimate ruin

Resources depleted

Fertile ground left sterile



Is the only thing that will move us forward



Is the only thing holding us back


We only seem to get it right

When facing a mutual foe

Lasting only as long as they do


Children do it naturally

What happen to us all


Preacher battles prophet

Left battles right

Part battles part


Rise above the beastly nature

Only then can we receive the entire message


Rise above the beastly nature

Only then can we find the way


Rise above the beastly nature

Only then can we know


The whole


©Christopher F. Brown 2010

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Seeing You

Seeing You


I fucking hate you!!!


That's what I want to say

That's how I use to feel

But it's not true


You're not worth the energy its taking me to feel this way


A truth spoken

But as of right now

Not real


You do live in a place that

As of now

Has a minuscule

Amount of power

A meager amount of sway


At least for today

At least for right now


I remember the first time

I saw that smile

I remember the first time

We held each other and kissed

I remember the first time

We made love and the days after


I fucking hate you!!!


That's what I want to say

That's how I use to feel

But it's not true


I tell myself


I'm fine

I'm better off without you

It doesn't feel that way


You look better than you did


You even have a different lover than you did



I shouldn't care

I know tomorrow

I wont


You messed me up alot

More than I figured

More than you probably intended


Its fine

I just have to get through the rest of today


I fucking hate you!!!


That's what I want to say

That's how I use to feel

But it's not true



©Christopher F. Brown 2012

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Basic Outline of a Man

Basic Outline of a Man


Description given


It is a fallacy to try and fill

from the outside in


Society says one thing

The truth more often than not

Starts with self


Bringing in line their conscience and mind

Solidifying their soul


Doing more than what

Has to or needs to

Accepting what is


Is done


More than claiming responsibility in good

Doing the same in bad

Not boasting about anything

Especially not boasting


More than announcing your sovereign

Respecting other's


More than knowing

Duty and honor

Knowing when to lead

Knowing when to follow

Knowing when to stop


It is a fallacy to try and fill

from the outside in


The content is only enough for one

The character is solely up to you


Unless you decided to share it

No one knows your heart

Unless they decide to give it

You don't know theirs

Do not let their judgments effect your own

Your assumptions are not Law


Here is a basic outline

Not for all

Better than some


You and your god

If you chose to have one

ultimately decide what is right

For you


Man is created one by one

But is never alone


©Christopher F. Brown 2012





It can be a hard place to live in




The sun won't shine for weeks

Its always a bit cold out


Men and women are capable of

And do things

that make the stories of monsters not that far from true


It can be very lonely here

The more you are willing to trust

The more likely the infamous


Will take advantage of you


Friends can very well turn out to be foes because

Every is taught to say,


"I got yo back."


But when given to them

They often use it for stabbing


Its rough here

Lies won't work here so many fail

What they told themselves in the mirror today is not allowed here so

Neighter are they

Not too many care and most only do because

For some reason

They have to.


I live here because


When the sun does shine

The tales most tell have no true words that can describe.


When something truly warm does come it warms your soul and becomes a part of you

So much so that it will sustain you through any and all cold. Well below zero


Here the men and women that wear horns are many and have to be defeated everyday.


There comes a man or a woman

That resembles an angle is walk and talk

Their very name is the sword that defeats.


Here if you take the chance and trust you might get lucky.


Might care


Might help


Truth is

In reality if you can find it

Because it is very rear and hard to find


Becomes your backbone

Able to support you under any pressure.


The words here might hurt

Only because they break ground.

Every one of them is a seed

Lies can not exist when truth is in full bloom.


I live here

In reality

because I looked around one day when

I accidentally walked into a fantasy

All I saw was clouds and fog

All I could do was imagine what this place looked like

All I could do was lie to myself about what I stretched out my hand to feel

All I could do was make believe where I was going dream about where I would end up

Only to end up going in circles.


When I finally made it back to reality I said to myself

Never again.

I'd rather live in reality


©Christopher F. Brown 2012

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