Wednesday, February 8, 2012




It can be a hard place to live in




The sun won't shine for weeks

Its always a bit cold out


Men and women are capable of

And do things

that make the stories of monsters not that far from true


It can be very lonely here

The more you are willing to trust

The more likely the infamous


Will take advantage of you


Friends can very well turn out to be foes because

Every is taught to say,


"I got yo back."


But when given to them

They often use it for stabbing


Its rough here

Lies won't work here so many fail

What they told themselves in the mirror today is not allowed here so

Neighter are they

Not too many care and most only do because

For some reason

They have to.


I live here because


When the sun does shine

The tales most tell have no true words that can describe.


When something truly warm does come it warms your soul and becomes a part of you

So much so that it will sustain you through any and all cold. Well below zero


Here the men and women that wear horns are many and have to be defeated everyday.


There comes a man or a woman

That resembles an angle is walk and talk

Their very name is the sword that defeats.


Here if you take the chance and trust you might get lucky.


Might care


Might help


Truth is

In reality if you can find it

Because it is very rear and hard to find


Becomes your backbone

Able to support you under any pressure.


The words here might hurt

Only because they break ground.

Every one of them is a seed

Lies can not exist when truth is in full bloom.


I live here

In reality

because I looked around one day when

I accidentally walked into a fantasy

All I saw was clouds and fog

All I could do was imagine what this place looked like

All I could do was lie to myself about what I stretched out my hand to feel

All I could do was make believe where I was going dream about where I would end up

Only to end up going in circles.


When I finally made it back to reality I said to myself

Never again.

I'd rather live in reality


©Christopher F. Brown 2012

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