Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Basic Outline of a Man

Basic Outline of a Man


Description given


It is a fallacy to try and fill

from the outside in


Society says one thing

The truth more often than not

Starts with self


Bringing in line their conscience and mind

Solidifying their soul


Doing more than what

Has to or needs to

Accepting what is


Is done


More than claiming responsibility in good

Doing the same in bad

Not boasting about anything

Especially not boasting


More than announcing your sovereign

Respecting other's


More than knowing

Duty and honor

Knowing when to lead

Knowing when to follow

Knowing when to stop


It is a fallacy to try and fill

from the outside in


The content is only enough for one

The character is solely up to you


Unless you decided to share it

No one knows your heart

Unless they decide to give it

You don't know theirs

Do not let their judgments effect your own

Your assumptions are not Law


Here is a basic outline

Not for all

Better than some


You and your god

If you chose to have one

ultimately decide what is right

For you


Man is created one by one

But is never alone


©Christopher F. Brown 2012



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