Sunday, February 5, 2012




Keep your dime piece

I've been there before


I've had enough to know


Can't move the mirror from their face

To see any real value


I've ran through more than ten

Maybe twenty

Some just wanted and made it their goal

To get a dollar or two


wanted anything true


Keep your dime piece


Something genuine

Something priceless

Let me know

Show yourself

If you are there




If you be not something I pieced together from delusional fantasy


I am complete

I do not need you


Should you need me

To be made whole


A partner is the only deal

Not a patient

Day to day

Weak to weak


True value

Divine rite

Does not have to compete


Divinity is the only thing

I will not settle

A partner to rule with

Godlike we govern

Royalty we are


Only to destiny do we submit our authority

Only to God

never to any man

shall our fates be


Nothing else will I accept

Nothing else can ever be


Keep your dime piece

Far away from me


My other wears the moon as a crown

The very stars mimic their eyes

Their intellect confound the ages

Their very presence leaves the world breathless.


Like I said


keep your dime piece

They have no worth to me.


©Christopher F. Brown 2012

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