Friday, January 17, 2014



A breakthrough

needs no proof

no explanation


It is

when it is


it happens

when a time deemed proper demands


Wings and prayers

Hopes and wishes

lifted to the heavens on the backs of incent dragons

made of smoke and scents pleasing to metaphysical senses


A breakthrough


It is for you

it belongs to you


more personal than the thoughts you attempt to

not think

more personal than the memories you attempt to

not remember

more personal than the names you attempt to

not speak


you can have a breakthrough

if you want


just like that

quicker than a moment

compared to existence


One more thing

the breakthrough requires a sacrifice


you can never

be as you were


The breakthrough requires all that is you to die

so that you

that you wish

may be.


© Christopher F. Brown 2014



Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Condemnation Of Blackness


the condemnation of blackness The Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern Urban America Paperback
by Khalil Gibran Muhammad

If you are interested in how the systematic racial structures became established in the East and West then this book is a must have. The historical documentation that i found in this book might have taken a life time of searching in the realm of obscurity to find on my own. This book is an instant classic and has earned its place along side the classics of African American Studies like the Mis-Education of the Negro and The wrenched of the earth.

There are times, from a reader's stand point that you feel as if you are reading an data analysis report instead of a work of literature, and saying that I had to put it down last semester to finish some required reading for school. The sometimes dry style of this book can be over looked because of the data that is presented. The condemnation of Blackness is a treasure trove of information that i have not seen in one place ever nor seen analysed. This book places its finger on the old notion of, "I wont discriminate against you just dont try to date my daughter/son, move into my neighborhood, or take my job" These things are never really spoke of with in the "racism" talk. The one where saying "the N-word" or having a "whites only" signs is the only discussion allowed. Lack of education and opportunity and the notion of inherit criminality is what they book begins with and is outstanding in its presentation and examination.

This book is a must have and must read.



Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Brothers Djehuty and Orunmila


The fucked up thing is

I can see what we’d be for each other


Water to desert

air to flame


We’d be so much of eachother

no start

no end


Every hole filled

need met

complement to completion


then society comes around


conditions you to assume about me

conditions me to assume about you


infects us with magnetic repulsion


Belief in what is wanted as true instead of seeing the truth of being


I don’t want from you

I seek to share with you


I guess Ill back away


I'm learning to also see

what society has made things seem to be


The fucked up thing is


I feel like I'm forcing the issue

a sign to me that it shouldn’t be this hard


if anything I had said

was real

was true



©Christopher F. Brown 2014

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