Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Brothers Djehuty and Orunmila


The fucked up thing is

I can see what we’d be for each other


Water to desert

air to flame


We’d be so much of eachother

no start

no end


Every hole filled

need met

complement to completion


then society comes around


conditions you to assume about me

conditions me to assume about you


infects us with magnetic repulsion


Belief in what is wanted as true instead of seeing the truth of being


I don’t want from you

I seek to share with you


I guess Ill back away


I'm learning to also see

what society has made things seem to be


The fucked up thing is


I feel like I'm forcing the issue

a sign to me that it shouldn’t be this hard


if anything I had said

was real

was true



©Christopher F. Brown 2014


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