Friday, May 29, 2015

3rd radio spot

Here is my 3rd time on the radio with Chris Stroffolino and Monae Dawson at9th Floor Radio. thank you again for having me back

Partially Other

ninety-five percent of life is subject
choice and change

that five percent
is mostly formed by birth
this five percent
is mostly formed in childhood

I keep saying
but they don’t trust
its fine

they keep asking me

why don’t you do that
this way
why don’t you make this
that way

they don’t understand
or believe

its part of the five

I keep asking them

what if we did this
that way
why don’t we make that
this way

they don’t believe
or understand

its part of the ninety-five

©Christopher F. Brown 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015

I'm not trying to fuck I'm trying to see you in 3D



Is it really this hard

to find people I can go back and forth in discussion with

about Buddhist and Hindu theology compared and contrasted against Christian and Yoruba


I want to scream and shout and dance with somebody over Janet Jackson's new album

and at the same time

feel the heat and talk with somebody about how extremely sad and depressing

but oh so good Giovanni's Room was


I want to be able to speak with somebody whom can quote Malcolm X and Kafka in the same breath


Somebody who could see the logic of Pac and Immortal Technique on the same piece

with the Budos Band or Mulatu on the back track


I want to know people whom know

just exactly who

Suki Lee and Bayard Rustin are


can we talk about Jacob Kinohoor's ass

at least for a moment

then get into some B.B. King or Johnny Cash


have you seen Dune

the one from the eighties

James McAvoy shirtless

as well as John Goodmans acting

were only good things about the other

if you read it

even better


what about the spook that sat by the door


killer clowns from outer space


let's be shady and point out all the inaccuracies on the history and discovery and channels

praying for that day

that's not in February

They show Shaka Zulu in full

without commercial interruption


Or maybe a documentary about native American people

with actual native actors

that do not depict them all as either

plains people

Or Inuit

Cause you already know

not everybody is Eskimo


then let's put on our own private production of legally blonde

followed by encore presentations of the classic scene

Of Miss Celie and miss Ofelia going in over Harpo


can I discuss with you

how the Patriot act nullifies everything in constitution

And the bill of rights

even though they never were intended to be permanent any way


It would be nice to not have to explain a Corporatocracy


all my life Ive been into Egyptology

You do know that Imhotep was the actual founder of medicine

by a good 2000 years

not that Hippocrat


the thing is

I'm still learning


when attempting to delve that deeply into people

which I don't even consider that deep

They often misunderstand

They often concluded without thinking



just maybe


©Christopher F. Brown 2015



Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Oxymoron of Being




Look at these people

With their perfect bodies

their perfect families

their perfect houses and cars

and their other perfect things


If I say this directly to anyone

or even aloud

the knee jerk conditioned response is to say




suffer from jealousy


Why do people wait four or five decades before they accept

life is not perfect

there is no perfect thing

no perfect someone

no perfect anything


you accept what you will

refuse what you wont

put purpose to plan

its all what you decide to make of it


They say that is settling

it could be

Id disagree with their understanding of the word


forcing something to be a certain way

a certain way that only existed in one’s uncertain mind

how is that anywhere near


how is that anything less than



I could force myself to be completely

other than I am


be what I believe I should be

have what I believe I should have

do what I believe I should do

but is any of that




is any of that



where is the reality in that


reality never had anything to do with the notion

the idea

the thing

called perfect


They said

weren’t you the one that said

pursue your passion


weren’t you the one that said

the only difference between a dream and a goal

are the details that occupy the reality in between



I hate talking to me


© Christopher F. Brown 2015



Saturday, May 16, 2015

Because You’re Supposed To




You think because your skin is wrinkle and blemish free

you have achieved a great feat of life


being thirty

or forty

or fifty-three

looking 23 omg


The last book you read

was only done so that you can name

the last book you read


Your soul is as paper thin

as is your skin


hold on


your shell, vehicle, vessel

and its drapings, anointings, adornings

are very beautiful


you do know that

none of that at all

is actually you


your body fat percentage and credit score

is as important to you

as the birth of your children

as the day of your first wedding

as the day of your second divorce


hold on

yes I'm calling you shallow


hold on

no I'm not saying that I'm better


I will say at least

what I do

I do because it has a purpose

I do because it has a meaning


I know that lives are more important than taxes and their brackets

I know that you do not stay

just because of what others might say if you go


What you do is because. . .

What you believe is because. . .

Right down to the very words you choose


why do you do anything that you do


that’s right

go ahead and say it


© Christopher F. Brown 2015

Saturday, May 9, 2015

For Dana







No matter the title or label

None fully define that which is



That which is



Studying your hands I’ve learned

all things are possible

even though you make them seem effortless


Studying your soul I’ve learned

true strength is limitless and unmatched


Studying your arms I’ve learned

true love is unconditional


Thank you Dana

for being the first woman in my life


Thank you Bennie

for being the first sister in my life


Thank you Ma

for being my one and only



©Christopher F. Brown 2015



Friday, May 8, 2015

Future Idols


when the war is over

what then


there is no road that leads back to



we pin all of our hopes and fears

on this


that has yet to be determined

But has already been paid for completely


in blood

in tears

in regret and sorrow


when the war is over

what then


only a few manage to escape the past

until we war again


©Christopher F. Brown 2015

A Writer, Maybe


what is it about writers

we put words to emotions

to experience

to life


life others are afraid to acknowledge



experience others may have had

Or have not had



emotions others have equally laid with

possibly more



words are vehicles


writers speak not of the contraption that brings about motion

a writer speaks of the navigator that discerns direction


©Christopher F. Brown 2015

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