Friday, May 22, 2015

I'm not trying to fuck I'm trying to see you in 3D



Is it really this hard

to find people I can go back and forth in discussion with

about Buddhist and Hindu theology compared and contrasted against Christian and Yoruba


I want to scream and shout and dance with somebody over Janet Jackson's new album

and at the same time

feel the heat and talk with somebody about how extremely sad and depressing

but oh so good Giovanni's Room was


I want to be able to speak with somebody whom can quote Malcolm X and Kafka in the same breath


Somebody who could see the logic of Pac and Immortal Technique on the same piece

with the Budos Band or Mulatu on the back track


I want to know people whom know

just exactly who

Suki Lee and Bayard Rustin are


can we talk about Jacob Kinohoor's ass

at least for a moment

then get into some B.B. King or Johnny Cash


have you seen Dune

the one from the eighties

James McAvoy shirtless

as well as John Goodmans acting

were only good things about the other

if you read it

even better


what about the spook that sat by the door


killer clowns from outer space


let's be shady and point out all the inaccuracies on the history and discovery and channels

praying for that day

that's not in February

They show Shaka Zulu in full

without commercial interruption


Or maybe a documentary about native American people

with actual native actors

that do not depict them all as either

plains people

Or Inuit

Cause you already know

not everybody is Eskimo


then let's put on our own private production of legally blonde

followed by encore presentations of the classic scene

Of Miss Celie and miss Ofelia going in over Harpo


can I discuss with you

how the Patriot act nullifies everything in constitution

And the bill of rights

even though they never were intended to be permanent any way


It would be nice to not have to explain a Corporatocracy


all my life Ive been into Egyptology

You do know that Imhotep was the actual founder of medicine

by a good 2000 years

not that Hippocrat


the thing is

I'm still learning


when attempting to delve that deeply into people

which I don't even consider that deep

They often misunderstand

They often concluded without thinking



just maybe


©Christopher F. Brown 2015




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