Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stolen Moments


Stolen moments

How could one do this?


Where would this place:

Beyond the galactic expanse

Beyond man's theory

That is the border and gate of understanding

Which we yet to have

The mental, physical, or spiritual genetic sequence to fathom



That one could reach their hand

Fully grasp the concept we've come to know as



Would there be anyone to stop us

We are attempting theft

Maybe even burglary


Its more likely

Or maybe just me

We make excuses for what we have traded away


We readily sacrifice what we have to

Green, gold, silver, even plastic Gods


We give huge portions


To those whom did not deserve the smallest

Those that would co-opt yours


For theirs


We label them


When we realize

Even the smallest of measurement counts

When we have little or none left


When we realize

The precious gift we had

When we gaze upon

The less than magic beans we now possess


We feel cheated

We feel wronged

We feel robbed

We say;


"Some one has Stolen my moments!"


When the truth has become clear


"You gave them away."


©Christopher F. Brown 2012


Grateful & Thankful

My God


Made my muse

Made my angel




Him or Her


For ease of understanding



Showed me how see

The shadow of a smile


©Christopher F. Brown 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012



Behind the wig

Lay grey and thin

Some places bare


Behind the hook

Lay past mangledness

Old accidents

Lessons learned from mistaken

Misguided youth


Behind the man

Lay fear

Time ticking and tocking away

In a place where it holds value to him alone

In a place surrounded by immortal youth

Being forever old

Never achieving death


He has no choice in the matter

He is by nature of the situation

The enemy

He is by virtue of circumstance

The villain


Where others seek to flee to

He finds no vacation from


He is absolute strength

In absolute weakness


Youth stole from him

While age ignores him


He is forever a man

Encased and drenched in it

Surrounded by

Eternal boyhood adolescent


He is forever

Everything they run from

While they remind him

He has no escape


Manhood made vile

by A Boy


©Christopher F. Brown 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Human Nature Divine Nurture


I am who




It is not selfish to claim it

In order to be


One must put others before


How can you do so if

You know not the being labeled as such


I am human

I make mistakes by nature

I grow

By choice


I chose to gravitate to the positive

I recognize when I am surrounded


Have become the center of things negative



Some people

Have been cast away

Not out of spite

Not from hell's heart

Have they been scorned


It or they bring


It or they cause

A right

When the path is left

It or they go against





Words borrowed from a man

I believe to be

Quite like myself




I work


To be set in my way

When my way


Thee way


Of the choices I control

I chose


I am who




It is not selfish to claim it

In order to be


One must put others before


How can you do so if

You know not the being labeled as such


©Christopher F. Brown 2012


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Love: Empirical


I’ve experienced enough of

Your type


I can smell you coming

I can see it in your walk

Its almost. . .


It is

Poison when you talk


Your type comes with a list:

Hang ups







I’ve experienced enough of

Your type


I can notarize

Your very thought

Dictate in detail

Your ever action

Give an expert testimony


I don’t need my house to fall in

On and around me to know

You would

If I let you

Try to

Undermine my very foundation


Destroy the very thing you claim to love


I’ve experienced enough of

Your type


I know what you do love

was never then

Nor will it ever be



©Christopher F. Brown 2012

Love: A Priori


I knew you


Long before

I experienced you


I knew

How soft your lips

How tender your caress

How captivating your gaze


I knew

What it would be like

Inside of you

Long before


I knew

The vastness of your soul

Matched only

The depth of your intellect


I knew

Your compassion ran ying

Life taught you

The hustle

Life gave you

Impeccable yang


I knew you

Long before


I experienced you

I understood

I knew nothing.


©Christopher F. Brown 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012




We knew eachother



Ups and downs

Highs and lows

In and outs


Whatever the dimension or degree

Whatever the plane or angle



We forgot eachother


©Christopher f. Brown 2012


Imitation Of Death



Can be

without freedom



Can be

without purpose



Can be

without joy and


Life can be

without love










Would seem to be




©Christopher F. Brown 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012



Do you know what its like

To know

No one understands


You tell people

you feel as if you belong to a different time

To a different place


You explain the truth of the one human race

They focus on the color of your skin


If they could prove there was a way in and out of dimensions

Then you could see how it all makes sense

Maybe you slipped through a crack

Fell through a hole


They claim to understand

The ones that do

Have some similar problem


You give up on the mythological


Even though you have met a perfect few

They just did not workout

Or were not

For you


That's really not the point here

The point here

Seem to be pointless


As if stranded on a small desert island

With talking animals only you can understand

The nearest place with other civilization

is too far to swim

none of the animals have ever heard of a boat

they think it unreal


So wear your difference proud

Shine your awkwardness badge of particular honor

Show them that what they have labeled


Was and is set apart from birth

By rite

Not practiced ritual


Show them

There is life where you dwell


Show them on Earth

what it is to be




©Christopher f. Brown 2012

Ugly ducklings and Red-headed Step-children



I really don’t write about love

It hurts you know


You don’t use ink

You open a vein upon a small canvas


Shedding essence of life

Bleeding current or past

Contorted, awkward phases



What was said

Was not meant



What was done in an instant

Meant more than an a thousand infinite lifetimes


A lie about love received in ones ear

Deafens said ear to the truth


A lie about love spoken

Shapes ones mouth well to hold a particular poison


The most malicious of all

The memories you and love bring into being


They never die

They age and can grow stronger

Testing your will to overcome

Taxing your determination as to


Allow them to turn into emotional scars

For someone else to step parent


You see


I really don’t  write about love


©Christopher f. Brown 2012


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Raven’s Eggs


Challenge to an old soul


Experience life

Without the invisible familiar

Without reverting to French to say



Been here

Done this

Felt this

Tasted this

Said that





Wise beyond their years



Everything seems a bit


Headlights through a fog

Speech slightly undecipherable


Everything  seems a bit



This thing called



The ones physically, mentally older say:


“Cause you been here before.”


Even way back then you said,


“If that was true,

I know me

I would remember.”


They all laughed

Every one of them


“And that’s why you still here.

Why you keep coming back.

You forget

To. . .”


©Christopher F. Brown 2012








Twixt heaven and hell

The hearth lay


Shades of Green and Blue

Most ancients knew them the same


Neither A

Neither B


A mixture tween


We look for the lines

We ask for the margarines

We deny the emulsifiers

We deny self


We invent only to re-



It is ourselves



It lay in the blindness


When you see no reds

No blues

No yellows

No greens


You are forced to deal with



And even ashes


You are forced to see the middle

You are forced to see the truth


The rest remain polarized

The rest call you




©Christopher F. Brown 2012




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