Saturday, December 15, 2012



Do you know what its like

To know

No one understands


You tell people

you feel as if you belong to a different time

To a different place


You explain the truth of the one human race

They focus on the color of your skin


If they could prove there was a way in and out of dimensions

Then you could see how it all makes sense

Maybe you slipped through a crack

Fell through a hole


They claim to understand

The ones that do

Have some similar problem


You give up on the mythological


Even though you have met a perfect few

They just did not workout

Or were not

For you


That's really not the point here

The point here

Seem to be pointless


As if stranded on a small desert island

With talking animals only you can understand

The nearest place with other civilization

is too far to swim

none of the animals have ever heard of a boat

they think it unreal


So wear your difference proud

Shine your awkwardness badge of particular honor

Show them that what they have labeled


Was and is set apart from birth

By rite

Not practiced ritual


Show them

There is life where you dwell


Show them on Earth

what it is to be




©Christopher f. Brown 2012


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