Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stolen Moments


Stolen moments

How could one do this?


Where would this place:

Beyond the galactic expanse

Beyond man's theory

That is the border and gate of understanding

Which we yet to have

The mental, physical, or spiritual genetic sequence to fathom



That one could reach their hand

Fully grasp the concept we've come to know as



Would there be anyone to stop us

We are attempting theft

Maybe even burglary


Its more likely

Or maybe just me

We make excuses for what we have traded away


We readily sacrifice what we have to

Green, gold, silver, even plastic Gods


We give huge portions


To those whom did not deserve the smallest

Those that would co-opt yours


For theirs


We label them


When we realize

Even the smallest of measurement counts

When we have little or none left


When we realize

The precious gift we had

When we gaze upon

The less than magic beans we now possess


We feel cheated

We feel wronged

We feel robbed

We say;


"Some one has Stolen my moments!"


When the truth has become clear


"You gave them away."


©Christopher F. Brown 2012



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