Thursday, December 27, 2012



Behind the wig

Lay grey and thin

Some places bare


Behind the hook

Lay past mangledness

Old accidents

Lessons learned from mistaken

Misguided youth


Behind the man

Lay fear

Time ticking and tocking away

In a place where it holds value to him alone

In a place surrounded by immortal youth

Being forever old

Never achieving death


He has no choice in the matter

He is by nature of the situation

The enemy

He is by virtue of circumstance

The villain


Where others seek to flee to

He finds no vacation from


He is absolute strength

In absolute weakness


Youth stole from him

While age ignores him


He is forever a man

Encased and drenched in it

Surrounded by

Eternal boyhood adolescent


He is forever

Everything they run from

While they remind him

He has no escape


Manhood made vile

by A Boy


©Christopher F. Brown 2012


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