Friday, June 18, 2010



I feel
I have the mind of a young man

The soul of an old one
the heart of a child.

I keep the door open to learn new things.
Kicking the junk out the back.

Looking out there
I always have a sense of de ja vue.

The red wings and the blue jays
I know them as good friends.
It’s funny though.
I don’t remember seeing them here before.

When I start to laugh
just for no reason
some think it weird or strange,

But the little ones saw.
They smiled and laughed
just as I did.

©Christopher F. Brown 2010

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Monday, June 14, 2010

The War Is Over

Loudly proclaiming your ignorance
while seeking clandestine moments of clarity.


They are all you know.
They have been your bed.
They were the nourishment that sprang from hate’s bosom

They were taught to you by force
They have worked for you out of necessity that later became choice
everyone must follow to the same.

Loudly proclaiming your ignorance
while seeking clandestine moments of clarity.

You learn the secret your teacher never told.

It did not have to be.

The path you chose was revealed.

Well traveled
Well worn
Well known

Only later
at the end of it all
Was it understood

The hardest
The roughest

At the cliff you
Loudly proclaim your ignorance
while seeking clandestine moments of clarity

©Christopher F. Brown

Friday, June 4, 2010


Capturing a fleeting glance

I wonder.

How did I come to be here?

I question,

“Why me?”

We all think it.
The brave admit it.

“Where did I fail?”


If you look at the now
there are many reasons.

If we go way back when
and talk about those times

Back then

All the right words were said.
All the right things were had.
All the right actions were done.


I am here

With only a fleeting glance.

© Christopher F. Brown 2010

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cautionary tale of Contentment

Howling wind does not move me


Raging sea does not shake me

The pit opens beneath me
I remain


Change has no effect on me.
Birth and death are the only I recognize

From my place of strength
I am told of stagnation


From my place of power
I am shown weakness

From the place were
I can not be
and will not be

I realize

I’ve long forgotten about the fall.


© Christopher F. Brown 2010

Smoke & Mirrors


The blight of a conscious mind.

A pox upon a faithful spirit.

able to comprehend
and reason
like nothing else in creation



some say to reason about creation

to ask questions of the creator

is the same
just as kin

as to question the creator.


And that is said to be most horrific of a sins.



We lean not on OUR OWN understanding.
We walk by FAITH and NOT BY SIGHT.

How could we ever get to true understanding if we did not question
the flaws of
and in
and seek higher than it?

Higher than those around us that claim to know.


If told to move
one has to ask



otherwise we remain still.

By faith we ask
By faith we receive
By faith we walk.



not question


is the enemy of faith



not question


opens the door for ignorance and doubt.

Confusion is the dark
Question is the door leading the way
Faith is the answer that brings understanding and revelation.


The light is not blissful ignorance but a faithful knowing
to any question
we receive
a faithful answer

All will be made clear
seek and you will find
knock and the door will be opened


Ask and it will be given to you.

© Christopher F. Brown 2010

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