Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fishing Hole


Some place quiet




I would like to


Or maybe

Ride a bike there


If I have to drive

I think too many people might know about it

It has already become too popular

Its purpose

The reason I would have went there

has already been defeated


I'm not trying to give an impression of exclusivity




I just want to be alone


In a place where

I can take a book

Read for hours

I can take a pen and note book

Maybe my laptop

Write for days


I'd bring my headphones


Listen to nature's symphony

A radio would be too much

Too loud

Not something I would want to carry


I won't do what I did to my last one

One became two

Two became a few

A few

For me

Became too many


I won't tell anyone

Ill just leave a note,


Gone fishing


Be back

Sometime between

Now and Then


©Christopher F. Brown 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I was never here, you assumed I was


You think you can define me

Your name must be Webster


Blanket statements


I have more than one gear

Multiple settings

Complex configurations


They are not for you to

Tamper and tinker



They'd be simple

If you asked

They'd be simple

If I told


You assume much

Based on

No observation

No study

No inquiry


You assume much

Based on

Someone else


I continue to

Do and be



While you remain confused

Surprised by my actions

Baffled by my words

Perplex by my expression


Since you won't ask

Since you assume you already know

Ill only say


You never saw me

You only assumed you did

You never heard me

You only assumed you did



You never knew me

You only assumed you did


©Christopher F. Brown 2012


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shallow's Love Letter


What I lack in

Monetary means


By far

Lack in depth of soul


Your mind is filled with emptiness

Who slapped whom

On that (so called) reality show

How to tell

Real designer labels


Fake designer labels


The possessor of everything new

Until a newer one comes out

Regardless if the old new one


works just fine


The finer things in life are always expensive

The worth of a man is ALWAYS told by their clothes


The car they drive


The neighborhood they live in




Don't say this out loud



The darkness of their skin

Or the region their grandparents came in


Yes you

You'll be young forever

As long as modern medicine can help it


Yes you

You'll be forever in

As long as you keep company with a certain type of crowd

Agree with the thoughts of a certain few that claim you as

But not really



Loved by many

You are

Hated by more than what you think are few

You are


What about you


If and when you ever

Seek reflection

Look for me





The you

You forgot about


The you

That got you there


The you

That you left here


The you

That keeps you up at night




I am


I don't think you'll understand




Haven't been




In a long time


If you saw


I wonder

Would you recognize

All that you try to hide

All that is




©Christopher F. Brown 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

Observations Of A Hypnotized Mind

I don't know if you know this


I've been

Watching and thinking about



Not in a





Even though seeing you

My mind does tend to fade

Off into a



I think about you and I

Being ridiculous together


I think about you and I

Laughing at the

Same things

Crying at the

Same time

Climaxing at the

Same peak


You and I

Would be like

a saxophone and trombone


Our duet


They would study and call it




All this


We haven't even got past the sex




I should tell you this

I know you've noticed me

Watching you


Maybe ill wait

See what


Want to do



Be the first to say


I don't know if you know this


I've been

Watching and thinking about



©Christopher F. Brown 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012




I see truth in your mouth

Tell me



Does it burn your tongue

Is it spicy like a thousand peppers

Does it make you want to vomit


Tell me


Why is it that

I see truth on your tongue


Was it a secret you overheard

Did you torture the soul of someone honest

Did you kill someone virginally innocent

Whom did you steal it from

Why do you desecrate it

Placing it in your foul mouth



Tell me

Why is there truth on your tongue


How is it that you can even pronounce its syllables

The hollow that houses the rotted

Cursed cadaver of flesh

You call a tongue

Has never shaped its self to produce the subtle tones

Nor has your mind the ability to comprehend the nuances

only known to truth.


In the mouth of a


I see



My eye and ears

Must have

turned against me

My mind

Must have



If you

The Liar

Are capable of truth

What are they

The Believers

To believe


©Christopher F. Brown 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thank you

To all of you that take the time to read my poetry, comment, like, or dislike. It means alot to me that you have taken your time to read my work and I do humbly appreciate it, again i say,

Thank you

The Wells Twins



It was always


With you

Wasn't it



Were that one that always

Did that one thing

Drove me crazy

Nobody ever did it before

Nobody ever did it after



Were the only one that

Could go straight to that spot

Drove me crazy

Nobody ever did it before

Nobody ever did it after


Yeah you

Where the one that

Knew all

the right words

Nobody ever said them before

Nobody ever said them after



were that one

That I wanted

I never wanted anybody like that before

I never wanted anybody like that after


©Christopher F. Brown 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012


Thursday, May 3, 2012




Cognitive dissonance


Its not a



But more like an active


Of lies


Hidden in the sun

Truths known

Yet never told


How the artist that made

lady liberty

Designed her holding broken chains

Intended to symbolize the freedom of all the people




They lay at her feet

Where most can not see

Where most do not know they are even there


How Kemet was never Egypt

How Hippocrates went to one of The first known schools of medicine

founded by Imhotep

1000 years before Hippocrates was even born




Hippocrates is called

The father of medicine

Imhotep is called

The evil movie monster


The children

Are taught to have

Strong backs

Healthy hearts

Slim trim frames


While their minds are




While their souls and spirits are




While any creative spark

That can not be


While any creative spark

They refused to let be




Is quickly

Spat upon

Till snuffed out


Cognitive dissonance


So what is shown to you in the mirror

Is not what your eyes allow your brain to see


Cognitive dissonance


Repetition of half the truth

So when the whole is told

They call it a lie


Cognitive dissonance


There is no need to hide

There is no need to for secrecy


You don't want to know

If you did

You still

Wouldn't believe


©Christopher F. Brown 2012


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Genesis 3:22

I don’t ever want to know


There would be nothing new


The joy of learning would be lost

The wisdom gained from experience

Would have no use


What would be the point of diving to the depths of the ocean

What would be the purpose of jotting the expanse of space


If I spoke every tongue known to man and beast

All knowledge would be memory

All information would be recollection


If I knew everything


No one would need share

No one would need to smile


I don’t ever want to know



I would like there to be people

(if only a few)

That know vastly more than myself


I would like there to be places still undiscovered

Immortal to time

Places that spit


At the presumptive name of progress


This is not a blissful ode to ignorance

This is not toast to stupidity


This is me saying

I don’t ever want to know







The one that knows the most

Controls it

And no one man

Should ever know

That much


No one man should ever think he

Is not



©Christopher F. Brown 2012

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