Thursday, May 3, 2012




Cognitive dissonance


Its not a



But more like an active


Of lies


Hidden in the sun

Truths known

Yet never told


How the artist that made

lady liberty

Designed her holding broken chains

Intended to symbolize the freedom of all the people




They lay at her feet

Where most can not see

Where most do not know they are even there


How Kemet was never Egypt

How Hippocrates went to one of The first known schools of medicine

founded by Imhotep

1000 years before Hippocrates was even born




Hippocrates is called

The father of medicine

Imhotep is called

The evil movie monster


The children

Are taught to have

Strong backs

Healthy hearts

Slim trim frames


While their minds are




While their souls and spirits are




While any creative spark

That can not be


While any creative spark

They refused to let be




Is quickly

Spat upon

Till snuffed out


Cognitive dissonance


So what is shown to you in the mirror

Is not what your eyes allow your brain to see


Cognitive dissonance


Repetition of half the truth

So when the whole is told

They call it a lie


Cognitive dissonance


There is no need to hide

There is no need to for secrecy


You don't want to know

If you did

You still

Wouldn't believe


©Christopher F. Brown 2012



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