Friday, May 11, 2012




I see truth in your mouth

Tell me



Does it burn your tongue

Is it spicy like a thousand peppers

Does it make you want to vomit


Tell me


Why is it that

I see truth on your tongue


Was it a secret you overheard

Did you torture the soul of someone honest

Did you kill someone virginally innocent

Whom did you steal it from

Why do you desecrate it

Placing it in your foul mouth



Tell me

Why is there truth on your tongue


How is it that you can even pronounce its syllables

The hollow that houses the rotted

Cursed cadaver of flesh

You call a tongue

Has never shaped its self to produce the subtle tones

Nor has your mind the ability to comprehend the nuances

only known to truth.


In the mouth of a


I see



My eye and ears

Must have

turned against me

My mind

Must have



If you

The Liar

Are capable of truth

What are they

The Believers

To believe


©Christopher F. Brown 2012


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