Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Light and Shadow



I see you from different angles.


I wonder if it is light and shadow playing tricks on my eyes

games with my mind




Could  you really be that beautiful.


My ears must lie.


No earthly voice could be so enchanting.


You bewitched my every thought to you


have stolen my ability to dare voice them louder than a whisper.




I see you from different angles.


I question

would the back of your head rest snugly in the palm of my hand

as I draw you near to kiss the lips that beckon me.


I could easily carry you when you tire


If you let me


I could easily protect you while sleep

offer a shoulder for crying

an ear for listening


If you let me.




I see you from different angles


I wonder what it would be like.


If you let me.


©Christopher F. Brown 2010



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hand Through the Looking Glass

I see you and know you.


The things your eyes say before you turn away.


I see you and know you

almost as clear as a mirror.


I reach my hand out to grasp yours

as you do mine.


Only time and space stand thinly in-between.


I see you and know you.


I can only compare your eyes to the stars in the night sky

I can only compare your smile to the sun

your laugh to the splash made by a jay in the first puddle of spring.


None of it does you justice


I see you and know you.


©ChristopherF. Brown 2010

Distant Kisses

I look away.


The music in your ears enchants me.


I dare not glance into your pretty chestnut eyes.

You might see what I really want to say.


I can not look upon your luscious full lips.

Technically you are a stranger.


Even though there would be no rejection if I kissed you

I may never stop if I did.




I can not look at you.


I might fall in love


That is something I don't want to do



©Christopher F. Brown 2010


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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Something New


For the past two, going on three weeks now I’ve been painting everyday. I just woke up and said to myself,

“I feel like painting.”

and I haven’t stopped.

Of course these are by no means professional. I gladly and proudly proclaim these amateur. ( Wrote a poem about the word amateur will post latter.)

These are all done in oil, and I am still searching for the perfect spot to take a proper picture that will properly translate what I painted. I have a lot more that I will post latter but for now these are the only pictures of the painting that I feel are acceptable.

ALL FEEDBACK IS WELCOME as long as it is constructive. If you think it sucks, tell me why. If you think its great, tell me why.


I call this one Chaos Kontrol



This  is Man


This is Woman.



This is either: Earth, Life, In-between the shades of Grey, or Shot of happiness. Haven’t made up my mind yet. 



This is High noon in the home land.



This is Monday.  :-)



This is Flesh tones or Shades



I haven’t titled this one yet.



Haven’t titled this one yet.



This is either The void is what you see or The Pessimist



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