Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Don’t Know

In the event that life happens



you are not prepared

don't feel bad

nor ashamed


no one is really


When it shouldn't

it will


When it should

it won't


In the event that life happens

because it will



it won't make any sense


those that seem like they have it figured out


they have something figured out but not the it

Not the thing you think they know


those that tell you they have it figured out


A lie is the only thing they have figured

getting you to believe it is their purpose


it is true


Some know more than others

it's usually never the people you think

it's usually the people that are quiet

it's usually the people called old


but then

life is funny sometimes


the loud hot-headed youth

Riding on the back of truth

with discernment in their ears

Righteousness on their tongue

dispensing wisdom lasting ages

dispensing wisdom creating ages


as for me


©Christopher F. Brown 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You and You(s)


You dont need a




They dont understand


They ask the same question(s)

over and over again


They force themselves in or un

with their attention(s)

with their affection(s)

with their competition(s)



More than you offered

More than you have

More than what might be available


 Its Annoying


Its not about them


You dont need a



©Christopher F. Brown 2014


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Blind Gods

The Gods speak:


People say they want to see

But they don't


It's not a veil


It's a mirror








All directions at all times

Reflecting all aspects of all things


It's not you

It's not what isn’t seen

It's everything that is


you’ll rip your mind out.

you’ll cast your heart into the sea

you’ll run

stopping when you realized

you’ve remained in place


The Blind know:


Its mathematic really


The closer 1 gets to 0

is when everything begins to breakdown


From the point of origin

all other expressions expand


none quite as unique as 1


1 can not compare to the birth of origin



© Christopher F. Brown 2014

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