Sunday, September 22, 2013


Think on this  

Buddha, Muhammad, Olodumare, Jesus

Hell Maybe some incarnation of



All might be walking around the hood

the shanty towns

the slums

the back corners and trash piles

the ghettos


We wouldn’t know it but

We would


We know them

Those people

Those beings


Jesus might be an Asian woman

Muhammad might be a white man

Buddha might be an African child

Olodumare might be on facebook, twitter, and tumblr

Hell Krishna might be walking about with Ariginals at the mall


Maybe the god we are looking for

is already staring at us


Maybe the god we pray to

has already spoken


Maybe the divine force we seek to communion with

has already broken bread



the problem is that we look for

(whatever it is that one seeks and has labeled godly)

from outside

when it has already been placed within


We are looking for God

When God has been inside



©Christopher F. Brown 2013



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