Thursday, January 10, 2013

Different One 5513


Stride the earth

Different one



Amongst the crowd


Amongst the mob

One amongst a multitude of many

But never encountering an equal plane



When others have not or deny

The organs for speech



When others have not or deny

The legs and feet that go unanswered

Begging walk



With eyes receptive to ultra violet and infrared

When others have plucked out the orifices

Steadfast in the common dark

Comforted by the communal blindness



Seven and eight fold

When others numb and even deny five


It will not be easy for the different ones



Will be filled with ridicule, mockery, and scorn



Will bring understanding, accolade, and fame


None of which you ever wanted

None of which you sought after


The curse would be to fit in

Having seen the truth

Having been born with an ear tuned to frequencies audible to places others debate existence


Different ones can not stop dancing

They have to compromise with the world

They teach others to run


Different ones can not stop singing

They have to compromise with the world

They teach others to yell and scream


Different ones can not unsee

They have no compromise

No one can teach them to be the same


Shine as bright as time and space will allow

Different one


Your purpose is prophet of truth

Amongst priests of lies

Yours is heralding a faraway future

In a present as ancient to you as ten thousand millennia gone of their past


Today was never meant for you

Tomorrow it will be impossible for them to forget.


Shine and be

Different one



©Christopher F. Brown 2013


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