Wednesday, January 16, 2013



Do I LOVE my city

As much as anyone can love an inanimate object


I am PROUD to say,


“I started being a citizen of this Earth

A resident of this universe



Great and revolutionary is the company I'm amongst.

You know his name

The cat that was proud and black

The genus namesake that saw it in all of us

The genus namesake that fought for and taught us how to fight the fight

He came from the block I'm from

They told him he was from Berkeley

Some said Emeryville

He made the city of Oakland household


I wont be like others

Not mention how bullets fly in number like seagulls at the dump

Not mention how the mayor would rather pose for a picture

Has no comment or just lies when asked,

“What’s the plan to stop people’s loved ones from dying before the age of old?”


I wont be like others

Not mention how corruption runs so deep it possess arterial veins

Not mention how children that live a block away from schools can not attend them

The city sold them to another and no one seems to care

Not mention how gentrification is an institutionalized city program

Not mention legendary pimps and drug dealers

Coffins carried away by carriages

Pimps so famous movies change their names.


I will mention

Oakland was the place to hear Jazz on the west coast

Before the post office came with imminent domain  


I will mention

Oakland’s level of artistic talent still resides it pulsates the air

Slams, open mic nights, and comedy shows

Three men that called themselves Tony

Or was it Toni

Maybe it was Toné

Sistas that were always En Vouge

We all knew where Mr. Cooper lived

Controversial Todds and their height

Dancing hammers that were too legit to quit asking if you had seen her

Oakland was the place where 357 girls went wild and loose

Had you going crazy saying,

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”

Brothas that were Luniz and had five on whatever you had

Krazy dudes times three that now preach

Least we forget a man that taught us how to do the humpty hump

Introduced the world to a man speak on how he got around


I remember when Will Smith and Whoopi made that movie at tech

My friend’s cousin’s sisters’s best friend’s ex swears he was in it


I will mention

Festivals at the lake and the lake its self

I wish every year the festivals  would come back


I will mention

Little hole in the wall places that make the best cup of coffee you’ll ever get outside of

Ethiopia or maybe Eritria

Bookstores carrying the name of Marcus

The memory of a Soul that carried a Beat long before

Black entertainment was bastardized by television


Like Romans we too have our own Coliseum

We watched the A’s battle like green and gold gladiators

We cheered regardless if the Raiders won or loss

Cares were tossed into a black hole

for a day


When people mention




New York


I say

This is not

The city across the bay


This is




©Christopher F. Brown 2013



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