Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Oxymoron of Being




Look at these people

With their perfect bodies

their perfect families

their perfect houses and cars

and their other perfect things


If I say this directly to anyone

or even aloud

the knee jerk conditioned response is to say




suffer from jealousy


Why do people wait four or five decades before they accept

life is not perfect

there is no perfect thing

no perfect someone

no perfect anything


you accept what you will

refuse what you wont

put purpose to plan

its all what you decide to make of it


They say that is settling

it could be

Id disagree with their understanding of the word


forcing something to be a certain way

a certain way that only existed in one’s uncertain mind

how is that anywhere near


how is that anything less than



I could force myself to be completely

other than I am


be what I believe I should be

have what I believe I should have

do what I believe I should do

but is any of that




is any of that



where is the reality in that


reality never had anything to do with the notion

the idea

the thing

called perfect


They said

weren’t you the one that said

pursue your passion


weren’t you the one that said

the only difference between a dream and a goal

are the details that occupy the reality in between



I hate talking to me


© Christopher F. Brown 2015




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