Saturday, May 16, 2015

Because You’re Supposed To




You think because your skin is wrinkle and blemish free

you have achieved a great feat of life


being thirty

or forty

or fifty-three

looking 23 omg


The last book you read

was only done so that you can name

the last book you read


Your soul is as paper thin

as is your skin


hold on


your shell, vehicle, vessel

and its drapings, anointings, adornings

are very beautiful


you do know that

none of that at all

is actually you


your body fat percentage and credit score

is as important to you

as the birth of your children

as the day of your first wedding

as the day of your second divorce


hold on

yes I'm calling you shallow


hold on

no I'm not saying that I'm better


I will say at least

what I do

I do because it has a purpose

I do because it has a meaning


I know that lives are more important than taxes and their brackets

I know that you do not stay

just because of what others might say if you go


What you do is because. . .

What you believe is because. . .

Right down to the very words you choose


why do you do anything that you do


that’s right

go ahead and say it


© Christopher F. Brown 2015


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