Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Im not that friend

I wont come to your pity party
I wont entertain you or others putting you down
I wont help you adopt dispositions for your own defeat

Im not that friend

Im not the friend that will turn a blind eye when you are in
Any type of
Abusive relationship
Even when you are single

Im not the friend to come to:
When You want to wallow in hopelessness
When You want to drape yourself in depressed
When You want to settle into a quaint and comfortable BnBs of stress
When You want to practice patterns that pave cyclical paths
Leading you back to the very same place of pain you are in now

Im not that friend

That will fight for you when you make no effort
That has the ability to read your mind
That will watch you torment and torture yourself
That will compete with you
That will want the best for you so long as your best isn’t better than mine

Because of all this

I don’t call many people friend
my circle is always very small and self-regulating
Those that do know me as friend have been around for decades
That’s my deal

Because of all this

I may not be a friend to you
That may not be my fault

© Christopher F. Brown 2017


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