Monday, September 6, 2010

Sheep Dog

You’re worse than the people

you think

you are different from.


You see the external forces driving the mentality of the heard.

You strike left.

You strike right.

Whichever is opposite.


You become opposite of the heard

to be different

to be separate




Because it is what you like or even desire.


You rail against one thing one day

another the next.

only  to accept them all when you actually try them.


At least the heard

in their mindless obedience

is true to themselves.


They like what they like

dislike what they don’t.

Even if they are beguiled to do so.




You wait for them


Only then can you make your mind up.

Only then can your feelings speak to you.


Only then can like what they don’t

love what they hate.

Instead of trying to be different just be you.

Instead of following the left or right path make your own


At least then the truly original would respect you

At least then I could look into your soul and see




And not just the inverse, opposite of everyone else

You claim not to be.


©Christopher F. Brown 2010



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