Thursday, March 15, 2012




A poet is more than a master of words

But a weaver of the meaning behind them


A poet understands the power that the sounds and syllables holds

when spoken


A poet understands the effect that the letter and line possesses

When read


Casting spells upon the psyche

Penetrating directly to the targeted core


A poet does not write to or for an audience

A poet does not speak to entertain


A poet's purpose is the soul

A poet's goal is the mind


To communicate on a level where physicality must be abandoned and your mind and soul must ascend


A poet is more than a fiery voice speaking of injustice

 more than a tender pen lamenting on lost love


A poet sculpts the very air their body's breaths into art

For generations long after they are gone to rejoice over


 to scoff at


A poet is a being that is

For a time

Tethered to flesh

Tethered to this world


Sent here to connect us to

Things higher than the feeble ponderings of mans mortal mind


Sent here to make us feel

Things more deeply

More intensely

than the fickle mass of flesh men call a heart


A poet speaks for the spirit's ear to hear

A poet writes for the soul's eye to see


A poet is a wielder of a sacred art that is more than any of its



Or tricks can clearly express 


A poet is nothing more than a servant to the gift given to them and its giver


Their duty

to commune in the realm

Inside of thought

Inside of feeling

And take you on a voyage



©Christopher F. Brown 2012

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