Tuesday, June 19, 2012



They remain single

Waiting on The one


I remain single

Tired of Them all


Cookie cutter


Across the board

Spanning both sides of the spectrum

I can introduce you to many in the middle


I'm sure

In my difference amongst the unique

I still am rather strange


Still the same



I have never met you



I don't need a TI-183

To calculate your place on the graph

I've been there

I know there.


Just because

You Realize

You are a different point

Inhabit a different plane

You think you are special

Not seeing

You are just a far off dot

That makes up

The same




One of many

That describes your two dimensional existence


You are unique in that

You are not

The one

And can not see

You are

One of many


Your designation might as well be

3 of 10

7 of 9


You think its

1 in a million

The reality is

The harder you try

The more you bang your head

You prove yourself to be

Just the same as any


1 of the billions


In truth

There is no



Only the



The Someone

We choose to make


Work with


Go ahead and wait for prince charming

Make a bet on the day he never comes

Search for

Your prince

Hunt down

Your unicorn

Your one


Taking the time to discover


Is only coded talk for lonely.


You must have a husband/wife

By the age of

You must have a kid and plan one to come

by the age of

You must have two cars

by the age of

You must have a home in the suburbs that looks like all the rest

By the age of

You must have a high paying career that will pay you better when you retire

By the age of


This the plan for your life

According to

This should be the plan for everyone’s life

So says


Anything else

Any form of deviation or resistance to said plan


Is futile.


©Christopher F. Brown 2012


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