Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I knew a man that hated himself


You say about me

I know

To be a lie


You say

I have no personality

No character

I’ll tell you


I'm a poet and author

Every now and then

A comedian


You say

I should to this

Do that

To be more like you


I offer you one book

You are still

Pondering page two


I offer you one play

You are still

Muddled in the mystery of act two


I offer you one symphony

You are still

Motionless in the second movement


You do not like yourself very much

I can see that

You do like most others like you

Ive come to know that

You really do not like me at all


I know why


I could explain it to you

In great and expansive detail

But then

That would not help you at all


The more you attack me

The more of me I shall be


When you realize

You cannot break me

You’ll question

When and where

And whom

Broke you


©Christopher F. Brown 2012


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