Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Have Friends

I have friends


We sit at the café

Drinking wine and coffee

Eating cheese

Grapes and blueberries


I have friends


We praise god together

Pray and dance

Discus the word of god

Grow angry at how man tries to make it his


I have friends


We scrutinize Kafkaesque nuances

Cringe at Orwellian accuracy

Debate in a Kierkegaardian fashion


I have friends


We laugh till we can not breath at Good Times

Memorized entire episodes of The Golden girls

At a moment’s notice can act out every scene from

The Color Purple or Legally blonde


I have friends


They are few

They are unique

They are very special

They are the bear minimum

The starting point if you will


If you would like to be more


I have friends.


©Christopher F. Brown 2012



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