Sunday, May 12, 2013

Worst Nightmare

If I told you my dreams


You'd lock me up

Say I was crazy

Tell the world

I was a liar


That would be


You believed me.



you act as if you never knew me


Act as if

what was said

Was not what happen


Act as if

it did not


come to pass


Instead you act


Maybe you play


Pretend that you cant see me

Pretend that you don’t see the mirror


Very well


Ill pretend I don’t know that you know

Ill pretend that the silence does not deafen me as much as it does you

Ill pretend that you are mute as well


Ill pretend that we did not lift our blind folds

seeing our swords totaled four


Ill pretend that your soul does not scream

Ill pretend like I cant tell

Like you do


Ill pretend as if it were all


A dream.



©Christopher F. Brown 2013.


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