Sunday, December 15, 2013

Summer Clouds In The Desert


I'm pissed that I once thought



you were, in my eyes

worth every



and star


In yours

non existent


invisible like radiation

indivisible from the magnitude of the void


I'm pissed that you use to shine

so brightly

causing my eyes to look your way


Siren song

was your voice to my ears



was the thought of you

your image upon my mind



was your form to my lips


Now I am here



seeking not your death but my own


Knowing it was not a trick

it always was what it was


you were never liken to Desdemona

you were always my personal Iago


You remind me that I’ve never known you


That is the pain and comfort


The closest ive come to knowing you

Reminds me of the most pain

Summer clouds in the desert


some hope

ive come to question your existence


You and I know

you’ll yield no rain


You are a reminder of intangibility


There may come a day when it rains

hell even snows

in the desert


but until then

you are not hope


you are a mirage.


©Christopher f. Brown 2013    


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