Saturday, December 27, 2014

It’s Your Decision

it is a fight

to hold on to that different

to hold onto that spark


it's not that life will beat it out of you

it is life

it is peace of mind

it is sanity



does not have it

phonies, fakes, and others

yes even some certain loved ones

do not have it


only you possess what it is

that youness that makes you


Cherish it

protect it

fight for it

it was given unto you and it is yours

most won't understand

it was never meant for most


the special uniqueness that make you

listen to that as your guide

follow that as your path

it is you



it's only you that works for the benefit

that best benefits



They don't know you

only the image of:

what they see

what they think

what they want

what they feel

what their studies have shown


that is how they will treat your you


This is not how you should treat your




©Christopher F. Brown 2014


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