Saturday, March 7, 2015

Excerpt from, “Momma Mante and Daddy Jack”

This is an excerpt from a story Im working on, in this section the character is wondering and questioning where his powers come from along with other things and he finally receives an answer.

I'll say this, there are beings in existences that are far beyond our comprehension, and far more ancient than the earth itself. Just like an ant crawls upon the tip of our fingers and only knows that something is there, something exists that is too vast for it to fully understand, so too are there beings that can hold the whole of the world upon the tips of their fingers. We know that they exist and we can grasp the vastness of the power they possess. To some that is the definition of a god, does that mean that they are gods? Again it depends on how you define a god.


If ants were able to speak to us they most certainly would say we were gods but we know gods we are not, so too we could reason as such would be for the more honest of those beings. Did they create the universe that we exist in, maybe, maybe not. A child does not call its parents God, they call them mother and father. A pet, if it could, does not call its owner a God, it probably would say friend or master.


We create: cities, cars, airplanes, boats, and skyscrapers as big as the mountains themselves. If a dog, frog, or a cat could comprehend this would they say we were gods? If a being with power beyond our comprehension created an entire solar system and life within it does that make them a god? So then we raise the bar, would a God be the one that originally imagined and released the force of creativity itself, would a God be the creative force itself, but then if the creative force is God then how could a mere ant wield it. If something as small as an ant could beckon and control a man would we call that thing a god or would we label it nothing more than virus or bacteria. 


Some wonder if it's about the power of destruction. We have the power to destroy this earth a thousand times as well as our moon. We have the power to travel to distant lands, distant star systems, and gaze upon various suns not our own. Does that make us gods? There are ants that can create mounds, tunnels, and systems that in scale are equivalent to and larger than the largest cities that we have ever created. Does that make them gods? Would it not be unfair to only envision a being that is truly Omnipotent, Creator of all things, architect of all design and designer of design its self solely in human form and function.  If existence sprang from that beings imagination alone, how wrong of us would it be to think that god considered animals, plants, and all life not human, lessors in their creation. You asked me if there is a God or gods, you asked me if our powers come from the gods, god, the devil, demons, the earth, or the universe. I ask you, what do you consider a god.



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