Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sound Of A Butterfly

It's been awhile since I've liked anything

Pac died

One of the Krazies turned Christian
The sickest of the sickmade is laying in a hospital bed.
They made a movie about nwa
And it made hella money
made me laugh

I remember when they banned them from the radio.
I remember when I had to sneak and listen to my sister's tape
the technique of the immortal one remains strong

On a cloud I called grown
I meditated with my blackness
had relations with the blues
made love to R&B
accepted Jazz as my personal musical savoir.


I never forgot
my first

I never fell out of love with
my first


everything new
except a few
was just bullshit

then one day
high up
floating on that grown cloud
I got confused.
I knew what I saw but
I dint know they made sound
One day

I heard a butterfly

© Christopher F. Brown 2015


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