Thursday, August 20, 2009


I can’t be defenseless with you.

You and others like you have built my walls brick by brick.

You and others like you never hear me speak. You would only save my words to use them against me latter.

You and others like you would jot down letter by letter every word from my mouth to hand over to my most hated of enemy.

It’s the same reason why I do not answer your questions when you ask them.

Never in my home shall you be. You’d only compare the insignificant things that I don’t have to yours that you prize.

Things that trap most in a world of material, blocking their spirit.

You’d laugh at all my things that you would call meager.

Yes you.

You are the reason why I can not be defenseless. You are the reason why my walls are up so high.

Words of disdain instead of love; looks of contempt and conceited instead of caring and compassion.

When you see me on the street continue to walk on by and do not darken my doorstep with the hint of your shadow.

Your only care is of self and your only concern is material.

I can not be defenseless with you.

©Christopher F. Brown 2009


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