Friday, September 4, 2009

Words Like Bohemian

Words like Bohemian once meant: collectively or solitarily creating by any means affordable.

Bohemian once marked the artist and their instrument; maybe they had one good suit that they wore to every showing, reading, exhibit, gig, ect.

In the morning they returned to the life where normalcy lives.

In the morning they returned to their jobs they most likely despised and most likely only paid in perks; like being able to live upstairs in the attic/studio/ bungalow cheap or even free. The view of the city is perfect and the light is just right, or might be that sitting out there inspiration comes down like never before. The muse takes control of the hands and before long two maybe three books are done and number four will have to wait because some one is at the door.

Today, words like Bohemian is the name of the IKEAN furniture set that one can place in their trendy little apartment; in a trendy little neighborhood that going through the trendy little process of Gentrification.

Old homes demolished to make way for factories that are then turned into cheap office space to later be renovated in the form of living lofts or expensive studio apartments.

Today, words like Bohemian means having an air freshener in the shape of Buddha or Kali hanging from the rearview mirror of your hybrid, energy efficient, carbon foot print conscience vehicle. Making your way downtown fast to buy those jazz posters you saw at Target, it would go great for decorating the music area, but first you have to stop at the corporate own café and get your moca loca latte; which is made from environmentally friendly grown and fair trade beans with organic soy.

Today, words like Bohemian mean nothing more than Trendy, Chic, Modern.

Today, words like Bohemian have conformed to convention and are nothing more than a label for something opposite than what it use to mean.

Today, we use words like Bohemian because they are not Bohemian.

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