Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ghetto tribune



With a mind like Michael And a soul like JJ

They hate me




Thelma and I both though Keith was hot


Moms always dropped knowledge that would have made Florida's head spin

Wilona was my cousin and my sister her twin


My dad’s name was James and he did cut out after a season or two


Death not of natural causes


The one that swept the 80's ghetto

Victims soul dead

Walking zombies

Hearts retarded


Had hella neighbors named penny

Still do


By the time she was 15

had a baby daddy that was 20

and more than a few


A lot of em still trying to escape the ghetto but the rattings are slippin

And the government is losing interest


They say the world is going broke

But money the ghetto never had


They say the world is at war

but in the ghetto every day is won


We tell the children to go to school and get and education

but worldwide its worthless


I look at my nephew and my godson and pray

The day never comes

They ask me

The correct way

To hold a gun


©Christopher F. Brown 2011


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