Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to indent the first line of paragraph "tab" in documents to go for blackberry

For Blackberry/Document to go users

Ive been trying to figure this out and there is no "tab" button and if you use the "indent" feature it indents the hole thing, so how do you indent the first line. Dont try and google it because there isnt really anything except for spreadsheets. this is what you do:

1. Go into 'edit mode' then go to the beginning of the first line, of the paragraph you want to indent
2. press the options button and go to format
3. go to paragraph (here you will get a list of for paragraph formatting)
4. scroll down to 'indent special' and there will be an option for 'first line'
5. after selecting 'indent special,first line' "indent special by" will appear
6. 'indent special by is where you tell the value of how far you want to indent. (0.5 is the equivalent of hitting the "tab button" once in word.

You would think as much as they charge you for this program they would just K.I.S and build in a Tab button or feature but now. So yeah this is how you do it


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