Monday, November 7, 2011

Step 1



What’s simple


How it’s not


To get to the place

No one

Has ever been before

You have to walk a path

You have to travel a road

No one ever has.

Most of the time

You must make your own


It’s easy to do what they have done


It has already been done

They can tell you

The right


The wrong



What is simple


How its not


You might have to burn down bridges


Building others in the very same place


You might have to cut down trees

Devastate entire forests

In order

To spread your own seed


Man figured out long ago


To get the gold

You have to blow up the mountain.


You’ll know when you have arrived

You’ll know when it has paid off

You’ll know when its your time


You’ll look back one day

While remembering

Where you came from

While realizing

How far

You have come


©Christopher F. Brown 2011


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