Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Your Oppression Is Not Welcome Here

We hold these words that were first hypocritical

these ideas that were first rebellious and treasonous

to be so








children have to teach them to adults


they that call themselves adult still

have to fathom something so natural

it needs no thought


All people are people

All things on Earth are Earthlings


Whatever differences there are

were not meant to divide

they were meant to support


Life on Earth


There is no country

There is no state

There is only the truth of you

There is only the freedom of self


The only boundary

The only border

is made of







Do not entertain ignorance so basic Children wont tolerate

Do not entertain ignorance so basic adults have to use force

Do not give weight to something so meaningless it gives heaviness to your heart


Let those that wish to wallow in the muck and mud of designer shallow do so


Do not negotiate with your freedoms


those that are real

are truths

those that are real

are not negotiable


Free to be is just that


any infringement on a self’s freedom

is an intrusion upon the self


any opposition to the position of expression is

an abomination


Freedom is non-negotiable


© Christopher F. Brown 2013


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