Monday, November 11, 2013

Naked, Sacred, Self


I turned it off


When I found out

Physical form meant more than

spiritual substance


When I found out that

Age matters when you have too much

 Looks when you don’t have a certain one


When they meant something different

something estranged from my previous understanding


I know my body is not me

only a part


they wanted that part

without wanting only me


I turned it off


They all wanted something much less

far cheaper

than I am willing

was willing

 to give


You do not understand the meaning when I say

you are beautiful






I turned it off


You are not able to fathom a comprehension when I say

I love you






I turned it off


Life has instructed

give it to self always

to the ones called family

the select few that are called friend


Show it to the world

but don’t let the world abuse it


But in that concentrated way

where two become one


I turned it off


Its disrespectful to the concept

for me to treat you according to the concept

when I  see

when I know

before it all started

before your scent first touched the air

you have no awareness of the concept


There are about six degrees of separation from

what you think it is

what you thought it was

what you have been shown it to be

what you attempt to offer me

and that which it actually is


 that which I was willing to offer you


I don’t believe there is a single one

there is the one you make it work with


That one

must also be willing and able to make it work with



For now

for me

you don’t exist


I realize now

you never did

square pegs forced into round holes

mistakes all listed above


I turned it off


Only a truly naked self

has any right

any ability

any authority


to turn it on.


© Christopher F. Brown 2013


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