Saturday, November 2, 2013

There is no such thing as a flaw


If there was a such this as



it would be found in the



A child’s smile

a mother’s love

a father’s protection


if perfect

could be theorized philosophically

placed into linguistic terms

there could be no words

no label grand enough

no construction simple enough

save only laughter


if perfect

could be understood mathematically

it would be either be a 1 or a 0

no other representations yields the same

universal and instant ease of understanding

that children instinctually grasp the idea




the same children

when grown

could spend  their life exploring the complexities



If perfect

could be known on a spiritual level

it would be that moment one realizes there is a god

ascending to level of worship and devotion

others mistake them for the god they serve




it would be that moment when one rejects all divinity

professing that all in creation is not of creation

but of nature and nurture

the only guiding force is the will to survive  


If perfect

could be expressed in dance or music

there would only be

one motion

one note

maybe none




If perfect

could be expressed on canvas or in stone

it would be such that the work would

never be started


maybe never completed




is as simple as knowing that one can never see one’s own face

what one knows as one’s one image

is only a reflection

what’s more is that a person is the only person that can never see ones own image

yet all they encounter sees them exactly as they are

exactly as they never can


Perfect perfection

is realization

not thought

not contemplation


Perfection is everything labeled imperfect


The only imperfect thing

is the word its self


© Christopher F. Brown 2013



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