Saturday, June 7, 2014

Someone Is At The Door

Egypt & China were ancient long before Rome

Greece taught them how to translate.

The Inca, Maya, and Aztec already were very old

When A new world appeared at their shores


For two hundred years India attempted to retrain her invaders in her long ancient ways of civility


North America, Australia, and Africa tried to show their captors a spiritual connection could be attain working with the land

Not forcing it

They all spoke of

and still do

speak of great calamity otherwise.


When the men on the boats came to the islands by the night stars

The men on the islands showed them that

If they watched and listed to the waves

It was just as easy


I read that its now possible

To go live on mars

even the moon


I wonder what we will do

when we get to a far and away place and find



Is already there.


© Christopher F. Brown 2014


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