Saturday, June 7, 2014

Southern Men

What is it about southern men

they have this charm

much like smelling incense from afar


You can not see it

but once you smell it

you can almost feel it


moving about in the air

taking and making its own way

not intruding upon or begging for space

simply existing in their own


when you do see them

these southern men

their words seem to match their body

their moves seems as a mystical dance born into them from a time long ancient

a time whose name was lost long ago


Their speech is akin to song

not in so much as what they speak

but how they speak



lazy vowels

slightly forced and gently pushed air in the middle and end of sentences.


These southern men

they have a sense of knowing

a sense of collective individuality

mixed with comfort and ease

unique and similar to them one and all


even in the way they are shaped

curves seemed rounder

skin tones richer

hair fuller and baldheads smoother


I'll only use the word


to say that they are not

to say it is not the thing,

its more a quality of character that they seem to share

These southern men


it may be in they way they say hello with their smiles and every so slightly

show you a mystery in the corner curve of their profile

their gait and posture entice interest more than lust

try as i might to put my finger on it

I fail


they do not have the same defensive and raw edge of east coast men

but when they do reach a place of anger it is well known


they do not have the same cavalier sun worshiper disguise that might mask a master hustler or genius urban intellectual as west coast men


but do not mistake their quiet of words for absence of thought.

I've known southern men to contemplate the entirety of the universe the expanse of existence

while speaking in between sips of iced tea

or rambling while working on an old beat up truck.


Their eyes bewitch but not beguile

You are always a willing participant and always

if only slightly

aware of what is happening


Its not that other men do not have their own

it just has been for me that

Southern men

have always been like an interesting story that seems new everytime you read it

that first edition of a rare book that most have never heard of

that most fascinating work of art you see at the fleamarket most would pass by


If you have ever known a southern man

you understand

they seem to somehow speak to a place in your soul asking,


"Might it be alright if I enchanted you?"


©Christopher F. Brown 2014


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