Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Parsec Away


On the planet where I live

gambling and narcissism

are recognized for the diseases they are


racism and homophobia

that's just people being people



having a conversation with some is battle

mental exhibition bouts with jaw juggernauts

most only listen for their position to pounce

Never hearing a thing


favors and helping hands

well laid traps and plans sewing deeply rooted weeds

intended to bind over time

your worth is assessed by how much value you can acquire for other


animals are measured greater than people

it makes sense

People have yet to meet or even be human



I'm not the type of Blackman you see on TV


six feet tall maybe taller over three hundred pounds

a well-read autodidact master of many things


On the planet where I live

that is considered a threat



the goal is to populate Mars

before the pollution on Earth becomes inhospitable

to the people of Earth

after all

Mars is ours for the taking



you're supposed to mow your neighbor's lawn

while your back yard is overgrown

while your kitchen burns down


On the planet where I live

all of this is common knowledge

some say sense

It's spoken of and considered

immoral and deplorable



if you exist in any different or other way

you're labeled

one of the crazies and shunned

you’re supposed to know its wrong

not admit to it


© Christopher F. Brown 2015


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