Sunday, July 26, 2009


Three pigtails enclosed by three pink barrettes shined along side her finely brushed hair, same as the color of a moonless midnight sky. Not at the age of self-consciousness she smiles her snaggeled tooth smile in an attempt to rival the sun. The oshbgosh overalls matched her three pink barrettes exactly. Her shiny white Mary Jane’s complemented her undershirt with the ruffled sleeves.

She had been a good girl and had kept herself nice and clean all day, even with the chocolate ice cream.

She laughed and smiled all day, sometimes sticking her tongue out part way.

Skipping down the street with father in one hand and her bright red balloon in the other.

Her teeth disappeared and her laugh turned to tears as the balloon escaped her hand, slipping her grasp. Gently it climbed higher and higher as she looked on begging father to make it come down.

Father bent down kissing her forehead and whipping her tears he said,

“My sweet baby girl everything goes away one day.”

©Christopher F. Brown 2009


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