Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shadow eyes

Shadows surrounding me; surrounding us all; holding our mysteries, our secrets, and our lies.


We know they are there and we choose to push them to the left, push them to the right, just push them wherever we can not see them. The problem is that we just can not push hard enough to push them away.


They move when we move, stay when we are still.


Have you ever looked at your shadow? If it had eyes to look at, to stare and peer into deeply what would the soul of the shadow be like? What would it feel like?


The soul of the shadow; is that the place where those corners and recesses lie? The soul of the shadow; is that where those thoughts and urges hide? Those urges deep in the soul of the shadows heart, those ones that “normal”, “law abiding”, “respectable” people do not mention in public or polite and casual conversation.


I’ll share a secret, when I think people are lying to me or when I meet new people for the first time I look them directly and deeply in their eyes. There are things there that the soul says that the mouth won’t (or are not allowed too.)


What if shadows had eyes?


Would I want to see those things that people hide from other people, even from themselves? Would I want to see the things that even a person’s soul does not want to acknowledge?


Thank God shadows don’t have eyes.


©Christopher F. Brown 2009


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