Sunday, June 28, 2009

you asked

You asked me,


“Why are you attracted to me?”


I’ll tell you. When I met you and spoke your soul answered back.


When I stared into your eyes light not of this earth shone back. When I touched your hand a warmth not known to me emanated. When I come near you your child like innocence mixed with wisdom bestowed by time and error creates a feeling of relief and calm, as if your soul had thousands of arms and they all reach out to comfort me. When you smiled at me for the first time it was as if a butterfly had taken flight from a rose with the dawn’s light as motivation; to this day it remains the same.


You asked me,


“Why do you care?”


It’s simple, because you are you. These few words still do not compare to the feelings they are meant to describe.

I ask you,


“Why do you?”


©Christopher F. Brown 2009


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